Sunday, September 4, 2011

Well I haven't posted for a few days, I know, I'm as shocked as you are, but alas I am here posting now.
Last night I had the chance to go to the ReAL Salt Lake soccer game, with my sister and her husband, my other sister, my 2 cousins and my uncle, I quite enjoyed myself, other than the fact that Fabian Espindola is a total noob and should learn how to really play the sport and not give up, he is a real jack wagon and a few other names that I will not post...
ReAL did happen to win though, 2-1.
Now I don't really understand much about soccer, like the whole off sides rule, I totally agree with my other uncle, (he wasn't at the game)if they got rid of that rule there would be so many more goals which would make the game more fun and exciting, we also agree that if you just pick the darn ball up and run with it you will also get more points.
Also yesterday was BYU's first football game of the season, and I totally should have painted my whole face blue, but I didn't, I'm ashamed...  But that game was pretty great to start the season off, yes it should have been better and BYU shouldn't have bee so sloppy the first half, but we still won against Ole' Miss, 14-13, and you can thank Kyle Van Noy for that.
Today I went up to my aunts house for a family dinner.  Family dinner's are always enjoyable I think, especially with my family, we are pretty much the best, and probably the funniest, and if you're not in my family I'm truly sorry, cause you're missing out.
For starters, you probably don't have a 13 year old (boy) cousin who walks in the room and does this retarded dance for no reason, and who is so skinny when he sucks his gut in you can almost see right through him.  You probably don't have a cousin (girl) who dresses up in mask's and capes and takes a rubber knife and spatula outside and does a crazy dance so we can see her shadow through the window. You probably don't have a cousin who cane practicably eat a huge slice of watermelon in one bite, or uncles who play with remote control cars.  You won't ever know what merry Christmas really means, and you may not know who "The Chow" is, and for that I am also sorry, cause those are just some of the priceless memories that we get as a family.
I probably take my family for granted, but I really am blessed to have these kinda messed up people in my life, cause that's who we are, we probably could get some help too, but what fun would life be if we normal?  I'm definitely not normal, my family and I, we are SOOOO not close to even being a teeny bit normal, cause we're cool like that. 
So since if you don't have a family like mine, I'm deeply sorry, and if you do, I'm also sorry. ;)
Until next time... 

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