Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well, 2011 is about to come to a close, so I figured I’d write on my blog for the last time this year.
2011 has been pretty good to me, I’ll miss it, I got to see Rajon, which was probably my highlight of the year, other than my summer, which by far has been the best!
I’m kind of excited for 2012 and the new things that it will bring, I’ll be graduating, and going onto college, and that freaks me out a bit.
I tell my mom all the time that I’m gonna get married right out of high school, so we’ll see how that turns out.  I still plan on marrying Rajon Rondo, and instead of buying a mountain like I said before, I’ve decided that we’ll buy our own island, I mean come on, if you had to choose between a mountain and or your own private island which would you choose? The island of course!  But I think we might still get the mountain as well, because we’ll be so rich we can have both!
So if you ever need to get away from whatever, hook me up and you can come visit on my mountain or my island!
Well… that’s about all I got, see ya later 2011.

2012… HERE I COME.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Time Has Arrived...

Well, the time has come, tomorrow morning my family and I will be driving to the airport to pick up my big brother coming home from his mission,
It has been a whole 2 years, plus 1 week that I have not seen my brother, but it only feels like he has been gone for only 3 or 4 months, these past 2 years have just flow by!
Anyways, it still hasn’t fully sunk in that my brother is actually coming home tomorrow morning, I am however excited to see him.
There are a few things that are bad about his homecoming, for one I’ll have to share my bathroom again, and share the basement for that matter; I’ll have to give him his stereo back, and I’ll have to share my car “The Beast” with him.  But there are also good things, I’ll have some company down in the basement now, and I won’t have to clean the bathroom all the time!
I am sad however that he is coming home because I won’t get to brag about my brother being on a mission, and how cool he is.  Now he’ll just be my older brother who lives at home with us. J
So now we wait, we have about 10 hours until his plane arrives, we’re in for a long night, can’t wait to see my brother, he’s been a great example to me these past 2 years, he’s my hero.  Love you brother!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

BYU football.

Well I just arrived home from another BYU football game down in Provo, BYU played Utah State University, it was a great game, except for Jake Heaps, he is a wiener and needs to learn how to be a better quarterback, so it’s a good thing that Riley Nelson came in, cause he saved us from almost loosing.  We did however get to see some great offense from USU, some great defense from USU, and yet, BYU still won, it was fantastic!
There are so many things that make football games what they are, like the cute little baby boy that sits in front of me, he is just so darn cute!  Or the crazy guy to the side and in front of me dances crazy every time a song comes on, and flings his arms like a fairy on occasion, or the guy on the other side of my dad who almost never stop’s talking, or watching the students in the student section make fools of themselves by dancing like maniacs, and my brother in-law has threatened me that if I ever act like that or dance like that at a BYU game he would dis own me, and also the yummy cougar tails, which is a really long maple donut, but I strongly advise to not eat those on a hot summer day, because you will feel like crap for the rest of the game and for the rest of the day.
Anyways, football is just great, I love going with my dad, he is just the greatest, I can’t wait to go with both my dad and brother next year, it will be even funner!
Hats off to Utah State for playing a great game, and hats off to Riley Nelson for not being afraid to be hit like Jake Heaps and playing like a real quarterback should, and hats on… because the guy next to me had TERRIBLE B-O, or as my uncle would call it (cause it was so bad) BBO.

Friday, September 16, 2011


It is almost fall, and fall happens to be my favorite season.  I have several things that I love about fall that make’s the fall my favorite season, to just name a few:

1. Football!!!-  it is by far my most favorite sport to ever watch, and I’m so excited that my dad and I have season tickets to BYU football this year, so I’m pretty stoked to go to the BYU/ Utah game tomorrow, It will be EPIC!!

2. Halloween! -  It is a fantastic holiday that I still celebrate by going Trick-or-Treating. (Yes I plan on going this year.)

3. Tree’s/ Leaf’s- I love when the leaf’s start to change colors, I think it is so gorgeous!

4. Thanksgiving! - I think it is my favorite Holiday, I love being around my family and eating food, it is just fantastic, it will even be better this year because my brother will be home!

5. PIE!!!!- I happen to love pie, in fact, I’m in love with pie, it is my most favorite desert in this whole world, my favorite is apple pie, it is just so stinkin’ delicious! Last year at Thanksgiving I had 2 slices after dinner, then that night at the hotel I had 2 more slices and in the morning I finished it off, it is just wonderful!

6. My birthday. - Even though I’m scared to turn 18 and grow up, there are still plus sides, I can vote, (In fact, election day is on my birthday) I can legally buy dry ice, I’m considered an adult, will I act like one? Probably not, not that I do now anyways. ;)

7. Carving Pumpkins! – It is my favorite Halloween tradition!

So those are just a few things, I’m super excited for this fall, it’s going to be pretty great, my brother comes home in exactly 7 weeks from today, and I’m so excited for him to come home.  I’m really excited for Thanksgiving, and to be around my family, fall is just going to be amazing, I hope you enjoy your fall as much as I’m going too!!

p.s. I think I’m gonna make myself a pie… mmm...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Things that scare me and a few things that I hate..

Well, to start, I had seminary today, and as I was walking a flock of birds flew right out in front of me.  So to start out with the things that scares me most:
1. Birds- they are terrifying, you never know when they are going to take flight, or when they’re going to poop.  What if it lands on your head?!  I also don’t like the fact that they can fly whenever they want and I can’t.
2. Ostrich’s- I know they also birds, but these birds I fear the most, they scare the crap out of me, what with their huge eyeballs and their stupid scary feet, I don’t like them.
3. Swimming in the ocean and having a killer whale swim with me like in Free Willy- I know this would probably never ever happen, but I’m terrified of swimming and having a huge whale swim up underneath me.
4. Spiders- they are just gross, and I killed one with my bare hand the other day, but he was just a little guy.
5. Coming face to face with mountain lion, on a mountain- they would probably clobber my face off.
6. Water Snakes- you never know where they are going, and let’s be honest, snakes should not be in water.
7. Gorillas charging at me- since it’s already happened to me (bless the glass that saved my life!) I know what it’s like, and it is frightening, I mean their face when they are coming at you is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.
8. Getting attacked by a moose- I don’t wanna get in with it with a big moose with huge antlers.
9. Modern Family (TV show) getting canceled- That is my new favorite show, and if it was canceled I would probably die.
10. Waking up, to find out that my whole life was a dream, and I really live in a trailer park- that would just be awful.
OK! Now for some things that I hate:
1. Toast crumbs in the butter.
2. Soup skin.
3. Lizards.
4. Birds.
5. Cigarette smoke. (Makes me want to barf)
6. Yappy dogs.
7. Bad drivers.
8. When the Disney characters run away from you at Disneyland.
9. Back wash.
10. Rats and mice.
Anyways, those are just a few, I could probably go on for a long time, but this is long enough for one day. J

Saturday, September 10, 2011



So it's almost been a week since I've posted, but that's just cause nothing really exciting has happened recently.

Well for about the past week, I've been a little obsessed with country music, I think it’s because my friend from Montana was down here this last week, and all the good memories of Montana came flooding back into my mind.

I spent 6 of the best years of my life living in Missoula Montana, and it is the best place I’ve ever lived in my life.  Everyone there is just so laid back, and just as chill as you can be.

I think what I miss the most about Montana is definitely the country feel, like all the ranches, and definitely the smell of cows and horses, (call me crazy but I LOVE that smell!!)  I really miss going to the river in the summer and catching crawdad’s.  I miss going to my friends cabin, and canoeing on the lake, the floating islands and swimming.  I miss going to Lewis and Clark cavern’s, and going fishing at Tucker Pond, and bringing home a bucketful of sunfish, and playing with them in the bucket of water.

I miss driving out to French Town to play with friends and I kind of even miss the lame homeschool choir, which was actually kind of fun since I did it with friends!

A lot of the time I wish I still lived in Montana, I miss that place quite a bit, it’s home to me.  But now I’m here, growing up, which is probably the scariest thing I’m ever going to have to do right now in my life, I’m terrified to grow up and be an adult, it scares the livin’ daylights out of me.

I still wish I was 5 or 7, still living in Montana, and having no worries at all in the world, life was good back then.

Anyways, deep down, I’m a country girl, and maybe I’ll marry a cowboy if the whole Rajon Rondo thing doesn’t work out, but I doubt that. ;)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Well I haven't posted for a few days, I know, I'm as shocked as you are, but alas I am here posting now.
Last night I had the chance to go to the ReAL Salt Lake soccer game, with my sister and her husband, my other sister, my 2 cousins and my uncle, I quite enjoyed myself, other than the fact that Fabian Espindola is a total noob and should learn how to really play the sport and not give up, he is a real jack wagon and a few other names that I will not post...
ReAL did happen to win though, 2-1.
Now I don't really understand much about soccer, like the whole off sides rule, I totally agree with my other uncle, (he wasn't at the game)if they got rid of that rule there would be so many more goals which would make the game more fun and exciting, we also agree that if you just pick the darn ball up and run with it you will also get more points.
Also yesterday was BYU's first football game of the season, and I totally should have painted my whole face blue, but I didn't, I'm ashamed...  But that game was pretty great to start the season off, yes it should have been better and BYU shouldn't have bee so sloppy the first half, but we still won against Ole' Miss, 14-13, and you can thank Kyle Van Noy for that.
Today I went up to my aunts house for a family dinner.  Family dinner's are always enjoyable I think, especially with my family, we are pretty much the best, and probably the funniest, and if you're not in my family I'm truly sorry, cause you're missing out.
For starters, you probably don't have a 13 year old (boy) cousin who walks in the room and does this retarded dance for no reason, and who is so skinny when he sucks his gut in you can almost see right through him.  You probably don't have a cousin (girl) who dresses up in mask's and capes and takes a rubber knife and spatula outside and does a crazy dance so we can see her shadow through the window. You probably don't have a cousin who cane practicably eat a huge slice of watermelon in one bite, or uncles who play with remote control cars.  You won't ever know what merry Christmas really means, and you may not know who "The Chow" is, and for that I am also sorry, cause those are just some of the priceless memories that we get as a family.
I probably take my family for granted, but I really am blessed to have these kinda messed up people in my life, cause that's who we are, we probably could get some help too, but what fun would life be if we normal?  I'm definitely not normal, my family and I, we are SOOOO not close to even being a teeny bit normal, cause we're cool like that. 
So since if you don't have a family like mine, I'm deeply sorry, and if you do, I'm also sorry. ;)
Until next time...