Friday, September 30, 2011

BYU football.

Well I just arrived home from another BYU football game down in Provo, BYU played Utah State University, it was a great game, except for Jake Heaps, he is a wiener and needs to learn how to be a better quarterback, so it’s a good thing that Riley Nelson came in, cause he saved us from almost loosing.  We did however get to see some great offense from USU, some great defense from USU, and yet, BYU still won, it was fantastic!
There are so many things that make football games what they are, like the cute little baby boy that sits in front of me, he is just so darn cute!  Or the crazy guy to the side and in front of me dances crazy every time a song comes on, and flings his arms like a fairy on occasion, or the guy on the other side of my dad who almost never stop’s talking, or watching the students in the student section make fools of themselves by dancing like maniacs, and my brother in-law has threatened me that if I ever act like that or dance like that at a BYU game he would dis own me, and also the yummy cougar tails, which is a really long maple donut, but I strongly advise to not eat those on a hot summer day, because you will feel like crap for the rest of the game and for the rest of the day.
Anyways, football is just great, I love going with my dad, he is just the greatest, I can’t wait to go with both my dad and brother next year, it will be even funner!
Hats off to Utah State for playing a great game, and hats off to Riley Nelson for not being afraid to be hit like Jake Heaps and playing like a real quarterback should, and hats on… because the guy next to me had TERRIBLE B-O, or as my uncle would call it (cause it was so bad) BBO.

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