Friday, September 16, 2011


It is almost fall, and fall happens to be my favorite season.  I have several things that I love about fall that make’s the fall my favorite season, to just name a few:

1. Football!!!-  it is by far my most favorite sport to ever watch, and I’m so excited that my dad and I have season tickets to BYU football this year, so I’m pretty stoked to go to the BYU/ Utah game tomorrow, It will be EPIC!!

2. Halloween! -  It is a fantastic holiday that I still celebrate by going Trick-or-Treating. (Yes I plan on going this year.)

3. Tree’s/ Leaf’s- I love when the leaf’s start to change colors, I think it is so gorgeous!

4. Thanksgiving! - I think it is my favorite Holiday, I love being around my family and eating food, it is just fantastic, it will even be better this year because my brother will be home!

5. PIE!!!!- I happen to love pie, in fact, I’m in love with pie, it is my most favorite desert in this whole world, my favorite is apple pie, it is just so stinkin’ delicious! Last year at Thanksgiving I had 2 slices after dinner, then that night at the hotel I had 2 more slices and in the morning I finished it off, it is just wonderful!

6. My birthday. - Even though I’m scared to turn 18 and grow up, there are still plus sides, I can vote, (In fact, election day is on my birthday) I can legally buy dry ice, I’m considered an adult, will I act like one? Probably not, not that I do now anyways. ;)

7. Carving Pumpkins! – It is my favorite Halloween tradition!

So those are just a few things, I’m super excited for this fall, it’s going to be pretty great, my brother comes home in exactly 7 weeks from today, and I’m so excited for him to come home.  I’m really excited for Thanksgiving, and to be around my family, fall is just going to be amazing, I hope you enjoy your fall as much as I’m going too!!

p.s. I think I’m gonna make myself a pie… mmm...

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