Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Tonight I went to my very first institute class, with my sister and some of her friends, mind you I'm not even 18 yet, (thank goodness) so i'm not even considered a young single adult.  But I am young and I am single!
Anyways, when we walked in I happened to notice that a big section of the benches were taped off in the chapel so you couldn't sit in them, I asked my sister why they were taped off, she says "So people won't sit back there and sit up front." I then replied, "I could sit there if i wanted too... it's just tape.  Single adults must be pretty dumb if they can't get past tape." (I humor myself.)
Then they were passing the role around, which I thought was a sign up dating sheet, which is genius for the single adults, so when it got to me I realized that it was not a dating sign up sheet, which was disappointing, cause I definitely would have signed up. :)  

After institute was over my sister asked me if I saw any potential husbands in there, I scoffed and said no, while I was thinking of my future and my future husband, which I will now share about.

Next year, on July 14th, 2012, I plan on marrying Rajon Rondo, for those of you who do not know who he is, he is a professional basketball player for the Boston Celtics. 
This is him below. 

Anyways, it all started way back when in the NBA finals, but it really started when we made eye contact at the Jazz game against the Celtics, February 28th 2011. (Yes, we really made eye contact)
Before all of this, I planned out our lives. After we get married, we are going to buy a mountain, and we will live on this mountain with our mansion at the top, we will have a tram going up to our home from our garage at the bottom of the mountain that will house all our cars.  Also on the mountain I will have my hair salon, which for now, will be called "The Cuttin' Corral" (the name may change, so don't get to attached. and yes, I stole it from Napoleon dynamite.) 
We will also have really cute black babies, and yes, I have names.
Da' Sean, J' Covan, my twin boys, Orangejello and Lemonjello, and if I have a girl, Shaqueem, and I'll be honest, I want more boys than girls, girls are just to dramatic and boys are better.
So ya, Rajon and I are going to have a pretty good life, we're also going to have a house in Boston where he plays, and a few other summer getaways, like in Fiji, or the Bahama's, and  probably one in Hawaii, that my brother can stay at and keep the house running, if he chooses to move to Hawaii after he comes home from his mission.
So if you ever need a good getaway, you can always come visit me and Rajon on our mountain! :)
He's just so dang attractive, and yes, he is converting right now if you are wondering.


  1. Wait, when the heck are you going to convert him? Why July 14? Emma you are hilarious.

  2. 10 months, 13 days!!!!! congrats!!!

  3. He is converting right now, he's in the process, and July 14th? i don't know, just seems like a good day to get married!