Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Time Has Arrived...

Well, the time has come, tomorrow morning my family and I will be driving to the airport to pick up my big brother coming home from his mission,
It has been a whole 2 years, plus 1 week that I have not seen my brother, but it only feels like he has been gone for only 3 or 4 months, these past 2 years have just flow by!
Anyways, it still hasn’t fully sunk in that my brother is actually coming home tomorrow morning, I am however excited to see him.
There are a few things that are bad about his homecoming, for one I’ll have to share my bathroom again, and share the basement for that matter; I’ll have to give him his stereo back, and I’ll have to share my car “The Beast” with him.  But there are also good things, I’ll have some company down in the basement now, and I won’t have to clean the bathroom all the time!
I am sad however that he is coming home because I won’t get to brag about my brother being on a mission, and how cool he is.  Now he’ll just be my older brother who lives at home with us. J
So now we wait, we have about 10 hours until his plane arrives, we’re in for a long night, can’t wait to see my brother, he’s been a great example to me these past 2 years, he’s my hero.  Love you brother!!