Monday, August 29, 2011

Smiths grocery store incident.

Well to get this blog started, I though I would share just how much of a klutz I really am.
It all started last Saturday, when mother sent me to Smiths to buy ice cream.  Beef (Maya) came with me, and it was raining real hard, so we ran to the door from the car, and my first mistake was wearing flip flops, second mistake was not jumping onto the rug like Beef did.  So as we were running into the store, I, not so gracefully slipped on the tile and flopped to the ground, where Beef laughed.  We then continued to the ice cream isle, when my leg started to hurt, so I pulled my shorts up to look at my shin/ knee, to find a huge red mark, then it started to sting.
The next day, it started to scab over, and I also noticed the huge bruise that goes all the way from my ankle to just below my knee, fantastic.
A week later, I still have a huge scab that looks like beef jerky.
So welcome to my blog, love it, or hate it.
-The Wedge.

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