Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer 2011

I know I've already posted today, but I'm still pretty excited about this whole blog thing, and I'm still not sure how to ever use it. :)
Anyways, since summer has just ended and senior year just starting, I'll make a toast to my last official summer as a home-schooled high school-er.
My fantastic summer started out with the first week of June, where i went to St. George Utah for probably my last session of EFY, with my amazing cousin Kazlen.
It was probably the most spiritual experience I've ever had, my testimony was strengthened by the people i met and the examples that they are to me and my amazing counselor Elysse, who has helped me so much, she probably has know idea how much. 

I had such a fun time getting to know new people and learn more about the gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
 This would be me with Grandma.

 This chair/ couch train was boss.
 Best counselors ever!
This was our sweet lunch lady who came and talked to us every day, her name is Dixie, and i miss that woman a lot!

And this is the best company I could have asked for!

A couple weeks later I had my (technically) last year of girls camp, pretty sad to think about, i'll miss girls camp a lot.  
I had the chance to work with the 4th year girls in my ward, and those 3 girls are amazing, they strengthened my testimony with theirs and they were just great examples! 
 This is the 4th year girls, and my co- YCL (I guess you'd call it that...)

 We live the Hawaiian/ thug life at G-Camp
This is where we stayed, not to shabby. :)

Right after girls camp I went to Astoria Oregon to visit the Grandparents, and I can't tell you how much i love Oregon, it is probably my most favorite place in the world, and I just love the coast there!
 Tillamook cheese anyone?
 This would be the creeper cheese guy, who kept looking at me, so of course I took his picture.
 The Goonies house!!
 This is the cemetery that we like to go visit.
 and I like to play dead in the cemetery.
can you say fog?

Also while we were up north, we went to my cousins wedding in Sedro Wooley Washington, and a couple weeks after that my other cousin got married in the Salt Lake Temple, both from the same family, it's so weird to me that everyone is growing up and going to college or getting married, to be honest, it scares me.

July 13-16, I had my last Youth Conference, we had the chance as a stake to go up to our stake property and reenact the Book of Mormon, and it was one of the coolest experiences of my life, we were all separated into tribes, and my tribe was the best.  I was also on the Youth council, so i helped plan this, and so many hours were put into this youth conference what with costumes, reenactments of stories from the book of Mormon and so many other things.   
I didn't take very many pictures at Youth conf. which I really regret now, but there was a pretty sick moon one night that i happened to get a shot of.

The rest of my summer was filled with late nights with friends, missionaries leaving on missions, friends going to college or back to college, crazy thunderstorms with insane lightning!!  Drivin' out to Grantsville Utah out in the middle of nowhere, and I love it out there, and one day i'll live there!  Lake day's with family and a family reunion at Tracy Aviary, which is ironic since i'm terrified of birds...
My summer has been great, I won't forget the people I've met, the friends I've made, the late nights doing absolutely nothing, star gazing, and so many other things that i could list but that would go on forever. 
It's been real Summer 2011.
just a few more things I love about summer. :)
 The Temple!! :)

 a good watermelon
Grantsville, it' so darn beautiful!!

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